Moments before announcing that Jamaican undercover agents have been operating in Guyana, Francis Forbes, the Interim Executive Director for CARICOM’s Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), lauded the fact that in the last five years there has been a monumental increase in the sharing of information with regards to trans-regional trafficking.Forbes was at the time speaking at the closing briefing of the Second Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) where he also reminded that CARICOM has been working hard to ensure that intelligence capacity and resourcing are been improved. The recent success in the narco-fight in the region is testimony to this, he said.But a source in the local law enforcement agency said that he is unaware of any Jamaican undercover agent in Guyana. “If there was any we would have known. If it is that they are working without our knowledge, then when we catch them we will jail them.”According to Forbes,Henrikh Mkhitaryan Jersey, “Some of the success we have been experiencing is a direct result of mechanism and structures in place that was not in place five years ago.”He was at the time referring to the vessel that was busted in Jamaica this past week with over 50 pounds of cocaine as well as a similar recent incident in Trinidad and Tobago.Forbes told media operatives that as it relates to the T&T drug bust, there was significant collaboration between the law enforcement officials of that country and Jamaica. He is confident that in the near future there will be several indictments.Francis Forbes (right) and Clement RoheeHe explained that on each occasion where there is a huge bust, the illegal operators attempt to recover by attempting larger shipments. With the increased information sharing, the authorities expect to be successful.Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee added,Kevin Volland Germany Jersey, “In relation to this recent incident (vessel busted in Jamaica from Guyana) that no country is happy when something like this takes place…Guyana is no exception.”He said that there is no country without challenges and the traffickers will always seek to find new and innovative measures to have their cargo shipped out of the various jurisdictions.“Let us not be naïve about this…they will work hard to achieve this objective,” said Rohee.The Home Affairs Minister said that he is optimistic about success on the part of the enforcement authorities.Rohee said that his optimism is fuelled by the increasing cooperation among agencies at both the domestic and international levels.“Nothing can beat this strong cooperation that is taking place,Nick Powell Jersey,” Rohee warned. “The Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) is a good example of this.”He said, too, that outside of the increased cooperation, what is being achieved has to be translated to the local level.The Minister said that he is cognizant of the fact that the weakest link in the narco-fight is the human factor and was pleased to see the objectives of the polygraphing provision in the CBSI.“But I am optimistic that as night follows day we will get on top of the fight against narco-traffickers.”He said that they have the commitment of the people in the fight as well as the right partners and emphasized that there is the ‘political will’ on part of the Guyana administration.Rohee stated that many may have differences with the level of and effectiveness of the fight against narco-trafficking, “but as a spokesperson of this Government I again reiterate that we are committed to fight and I am optimistic that we will eventually defeat these people.”Meanwhile, the local political opposition in the form of A Partnership for National Unity seemed not to be too impressed by Rohee’s pronouncement saying that, “It must have sounded funny to the other participants at the recently concluded CBSI meeting to hear Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee talk about the Guyana Government playing a meaningful role in combating drug trafficking.”APNU contends that with the incompetence of the Bharrat Jagdeo Administration on crime and security on display,Kurt Zouma Chelsea Jersey, “Minister Rohee was bold enough to make this claim two days after Jamaican, and not Guyanese, law enforcement officials seized more drugs arriving in the island from Guyana.”APNU also contends that what is even more ridiculous about the Minister’s comment is that “his boss, President Bharrat Jagdeo, tried to pin the blame for the success of drug traffickers on the general public and not on the people being paid to prevent these things from happening.”The political opposition made up of a few parties including the People’s National Congress Reform, says that it is obvious that “these criminals are well connected and the responsible officials do not even feel compelled to convince Guyanese that they were working hard to bring the drug kingpins and their activities under control.”The coalition of parties also contend that what is equally alarming is that a ship, which had two known earlier infractions this year, appears to have been allowed again to leave Guyana without proper scrutiny and, once again, the Jamaica Customs officials have discovered cocaine in its cargo.“The Guyanese Customs officials always seem to be the last ones to know that their internal controls, procedures and systems have been breached…With four known episodes already this year, Guyanese must wonder at the lack of effectiveness of the Guyana Customs.”APNU states too that while the usual investigations are still to be concluded, “The Guyanese people must continue to ask questions about accountability,Jose Mauri Jersey, corruption and the evident incompetence of the Minister of Home Affairs and the PPP/C Administration.”APNU emphasizes that “if, as is being claimed by Minister Rohee, the control of drug trafficking is a priority for this Administration, then the Criminal Investigation Department of the Guyana Police Force would have been well equipped,Fernandinho Brazil Jersey, after 19 years, to identify and prosecute the known local sources for these illicit drugs…With all the money the Administration claims to have spent on training, and the purchase of scanners and other monitoring devices,Lukas Podolski Jersey, there should be no excuses for the failure of the Customs and the Guyana Police Force to locate and disrupt the operations of the drug lords in Guyana.”APNU insists that neither the President nor the Minister of Home Affairs seems fazed by the Customs and law enforcement failures, which they say cast a long shadow over all international shipments of products from Guyana.Tyler Blackett Man

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