The operation of a furniture store at New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara, was called into question on Wednesday when the Best/Klien/Pouderoyen Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) met with residents during its most recent Council meeting.  Complaints about the operation of the business were raised by a 71-year-old resident who disclosed to the Chairman and Councillors of the NDC that she has been suffering from ill-health since the business commenced operations a few metres from her home.The business was previously operated at another location but had recently relocated to the New Road site.  According to the woman,Custom Germany Jersey, she has had to put up with periods of ear-piercing noise and high scents of what she assumed was some form of polish used as part of the finishing process of wooden furniture.The elderly woman revealed that she endured the operation during the latter part of last year, adding that “it was one set ah wuk dem do during Christmas time and I try fuh bear up…”She revealed that due to the intensity of the work, which was described as a nuisance, she was forced to disclose her discomfort to the owner of the business place who had assured her that the operation there was temporary.“He keep telling me that he place bun down and give he four days and another four days more…onto now he still doing de same ting..,” the woman disclosed as she referred to her age and fragile health.“I am 71 years old…I don’t know how long I gun live, but can I live like this?”Unable to stand before the Council, the woman related that due to her ailing health she has had many doctor visits and is now obligated to use a quantity of drugs. She is of the firm belief that her exposure to the various scents and dust has led to her developing a lung problem.  And since there appears to be no letting up of the dilemma, the woman said that she decided to bring her concerns to the NDC.But according to Chairman of the NDC, Jagdesh Jadunandan, he was of the understanding that the furniture entity was in fact utilising the New Road location only as a showroom. He revealed that he has visited the location himself.  He explained,Eden Hazard Jersey, though, that there have been instances when persons would apply to the NDC to utilise a property for one purpose and instead convert it to an alternative use.There were reports that the location was previously identified as one to undertake garment construction,Taywan Taylor Titans Jersey, but approval was not granted for such operations,Wayne Rooney Manchester United Jersey, thereby raising the questions as to whether approval was granted for the existing operation.It was however, pointed out at Wednesday’s meeting that a previous inspection of the furniture entity did not reveal any machines required for furniture-making.  Nevertheless, it was recommended that additional measures be taken to address the situation.According to Regional Vice Chairman,Nick Hagglund Jersey, Mam Persaud,Jose Iglesias Tigers Jersey, the Region would have to seek advice from the Central Housing and Planning Authority before attempting to do so.He explained that it would first have to be ascertained what sort of operation the furniture entity was granted approval for. It was also revealed that the matter is currently gaining the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency.Ander Herrera

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