Mon Repos execution…Police have detained two East Coast Demerara businessmen as they seek a motive for Thursday night’s execution-style killing of fish exporter,Gerald Everett Womens Jersey, Rajendra Sonilall.Kaieteur News understands that one of the detained men is a Montrose,Ryan Mason Jersey UK, East Coast Demerara resident while the other is from Better Hope.Dead: Rajendra Sonilall According to a source,Garett Bolles Jersey, the Montrose businessman was charged in connection with a recent cocaine in pepper-sauce racket.This seems to suggest that investigators are checking on other motives for Sonilall’s murder, other than the fact that persons owed him money.The slain man’s family members have alleged that the other businessman owed Sonilall $15M, and the popular Mon Repos fish exporter had even complained to the police that the business associate was refusing to honour the debt.Investigators have been told that another man owed Sonilall $9M and a third $5M.From reports, detectives have received, Sonilall, known as ‘Moti’, had documented all his transactions.The 43-year-old businessman of Lot 73 Second Street Mon Repos was shot at close range in the chest and back of the head while sitting on a bench outside his business place.A resident told Kaieteur News that she was outside her house when she saw a man,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who was wearing a toque, turn east into Second Street,Sebastian Rudy Germany Jersey, Mon Repos, where Sonilall’s fish processing business is located.She said that the man then walked past Sonilall, who was sitting at a table near his business place.But the woman said that the man then turned back and headed toward Sonilall.She then heard three explosions,Rayshawn Jenkins Womens Jersey, and saw the stranger run east along Second Street and disappear north toward the ‘sea dam.’Sonilall succumbed minutes after arriving at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.Two .32 shells were recovered at the scene.Derek Barnett

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