Government could have saved almost US$200 on each of the computers purchased by the Office of the President,Manchester Jersey, as the series of the items is available at significantly lower prices.Any person making a purchase always seeks to get the “best price”, however this was not the case with the Office of the President. The retail price for the Lenovo G550 laptops which the government purchased for US$585 could be accessed for as little as US$390.And there are even better deals for those willing to take the time to surf the web for bargains.Had OP sourced the systems from a supplier such as the one indicated above, it would have paid some US$3,900 less than what was paid for the 20 systems that were purchased recently.This same model of the Lenovo system can also be found on eBay for US$379.Office of the President,Layvin Kurzawa Jersey, by its admission, had also bought five Lenovo G560 computers for use by the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) office at a cost of US$699 each,Marshon Lattimore Womens Jersey, when those systems could be sourced for at least US$430.After vehemently denying that it had bought 20 Lenovo laptops,Douglas Santos Jersey, the Office of the President in a statement to the media recently admitted that it did.Kaieteur News on Thursday, last, published that the Office of the President “reportedly bought 20 Lenovo G550 computers at US$585 each”. This purchase was denied by OP. The lie was an effort to accuse Kaieteur News of making false claims.“This is false and misleading and is in keeping with the clear agenda of the Kaieteur News to disparage development projects being put in place by the Guyana Government to benefit all Guyanese,” Office of the President said.The statement added that “this gross distortion could have been avoided by checking with the relevant officials, as Kaieteur News had been previously advised,” the Office of the President said, while urging media houses “to adhere to the basic principles of journalism, including seeking clarification/comment when required.”Kaieteur News promptly displayed on its front page the documents to prove that Office of the President did make the purchases and that the laptops were delivered on three different dates last month.The Office of the President went on the defensive,Matthias Ginter Dortmund Shirts, this time flip-flopping on its own denial about buying the computers. First, it said that five laptops were bought for use by the OLPF office at a cost of US$699 each.Then, without clearly admitting that it had lied about the purchase of the 20 G550 laptops, the Office of the President admitted that it had bought 20 laptops. It then inferred that the newspaper had stated that the computers were bought for the One Laptop Per Family programme.The documents received by this newspaper, as indicated, confirmed the Office of the President did buy 20 G550 laptops from AN Electronics of 30 North Road, Bourda.The computers were delivered on three different dates and received by different persons. The exact model bought by the Office of the President is the Lenovo G550 2958-XFU RT.According to documents seen by Kaieteur News, and reproduced in these pages, the first 13 laptops were delivered to the Office of the President on January 12, 2011. The laptops were delivered by Kapil Harriprashad and received at Office of the President by one Marcelle Joseph.On January 14, 2011, another four laptops of the same model were delivered by the said Kapil Harriprashad and received by K. Lewis.The final three laptops were delivered on January 31, 2011 by Kapil Harriprashad and received at Office of the Presdient by a Lolita Hassan.The images that are displayed with this article are those of retail prices, available on the internet,Nolan Ryan Astros Jersey, of the aforementioned laptops.Curtis Samuel

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