Young entrepreneur of the week…By Dale AndrewsTwenty-five year old Samantha Singh was an aspiring doctor but when she met her future husband that plan was shelved immediately.Today she is the proud Managing Director of six cell phone branches of Cellular Plus and Cellular Extreme in the city, and with technology improving at an alarming rate, the young businesswoman is aiming to keep up with it, even to the extent of expanding her already thriving business.With no formal training in the area of business,Ahkello Witherspoon 49ers Jersey, Samantha has learnt a lot from her fiancé who himself is a thriving businessman.It all started with her engagement to Richard Singh, whose father owned the popular Nut Centre on Robb Street.“I ventured into the business field with him. I never knew anything about business; this was very new to me. I had no idea how you need to carry out a business, what you need to do, nothing of the sort,” Samantha confided.When her fiancé ventured off into the auto sales business, Samantha was virtually left on her own but her eagerness to adapt stood her in good stead.This move saw her move from the Nut Centre and form Cellular Extreme, capitalizing on the increasingly lucrative cellular phone business as well as other electronics.She proudly relates that her enterprise was the top runner in the early days of cellular phones in association with the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.Then came DIGICEL and the business grew.“I have started from scratch with DIGICEL. We have worked extremely well in terms of bringing in great figures for DIGICEL. We’re also known to be the number one store in Guyana for DIGICEL. We have been doing extremely well for the last two quarters since we launched.”This has led to Samantha’s business receiving certificates from the chairman of the mega telephone company for its competence.When her company became somewhat of a household name in the cell phone business, Samantha was encouraged to get deeper involved in the area, so much so that she has now commenced formal studies in the field of business administration.“At first I didn’t take any classes. I didn’t go anywhere,Nolan Ryan Astros Jersey, this is all off of me learning, being in the store with the customers. It was all just me,” the young entrepreneur told this newspaper.But she revealed that it was not difficult making the switch from the sciences to business, since according to her she likes challenges.She, like many other persons who are marketing new products, would read the manual from the cell phones and browse the internet to find out as much she can about the cellular phones and the electronics that she sells in her stores.But was making the switch from being an aspiring doctor to cell phone business woman difficult?“I really wanted to become a doctor because I find myself to be a people person. I work very well with people so I guess I’ve grown with my customers; they’ve really made me feel comfortable,” she said.And the satisfaction of being successful in the field is overwhelming.Beginning with a little section of the Nut Centre, Samantha first expanded at the Gafoors Mall. And as if that was not enough, the business extended into the Courtyard Mall, which soon became three stores.Then the City Mall was the next stop and back to the Gafoors Mall where another store was established and finally, the Stabroek Market.Unlike some people,Zlatan Ibrahimovic Manchester United Jersey, there were no detractors when she decided to give up a career in medicine to go into business.She disclosed that her family has been very supportive although she admitted that the decision to go into business was very hard at first.“I was almost ready to get into it (medicine) but after I met Richard (fiancé), he was already into the business field; it kind of changed the whole thing. There was no conflict, it was just pure satisfaction and enjoyment,” Samantha said.She also pointed out that she had already had a small stint in business,Joe McKnight USC Jersey, having hosted her own television show for seven years.“I have given up on the medicine thing because I love business right now,Davis Webb Jersey,” she said in between fits of laughter.She said that her fiancé has developed a significant trust in her to continue successfully as a businesswoman, having virtually left her on her own to develop the establishment to where it is today.“Because of his faith in me, he was able to branch off into something different on his own,” she explained.According to Samantha, dreams are not impossible once someone puts their mind to it.“Work hard at it because nothing comes easy; you have to work for what you want. You cannot just dream and wish for it to happen because it will never happen. You have to get up and make a start. I would encourage other young people to stay in school, ensure that they learn as much as possible. But I can tell you, I’ve learnt it the hard way, being out there is the real world and the experience that I’ve gained will take me real far,Dorian Johnson Jersey,” Samantha Singh advises.Orbelin Pineda

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