A building believed to be more than 100 years old collapsed yesterday morning, leaving some 24 persons,Antonio Garcia Patriots Jersey, among them several children,Malik Hooker Jersey, homeless.This newspaper understands that, at around 01:30 hours,Sidney Jones Youth Jersey, the building, which is located at the junction of Smyth and Hadfield Streets, started creaking, sending the worried occupants fleeing with whatever possession their hands could reach. A few minutes later the building came crashing down.Minister of Human Services,Sean Harlow Jersey, Priya Manickchand, and Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn, visited the location yesterday afternoon and offered their assistance to the occupants of the building.The tenants’ main concern was retrieving their possessions which were all buried under the rubble.They wanted to stand guard over their possessions, since they were afraid that vagrants would steal them; but Minister Benn said that it would be against the fire and public health regulations.Minister Manickchand told the occupants that they would get trucks and equipment to remove the debris, and that their assistance would be needed. She warned them to do so with caution, to prevent injuries.Meanwhile, she added, Mr. Kwame McCoy, a press relations officer attached to the Office of the President, arranged for the occupants to have a meal.According to Manickchand, dinner arrangements will also be made.“You cannot stay here or squat here…it would be against regulations,” Minister Manickchand told the occupants.She noted that they would have to get their possessions and,Wayne Gallman Womens Jersey, either find relatives to stay with,Gary Cahill Jersey, or go to the shelter.The minister pointed out that,Ryan Switzer Jersey, once their possessions are cleared, they would have no reason to stay, since they cannot squat on the land.Minister Benn questioned whether the building had been condemned,Jeremain Lens Jersey, but once resident said that during Cricket World Cup it was to be deemed condemned but President Jagdeo said no.“He (President Jagdeo) said no way…weh he gon put de people dem,” the occupant said.One occupant, Latoya Thompson,Oscar Jersey, a mother of two, who is currently pregnant, said that about 24 adults live in the building and nearly the same number of children.According to her, one woman alone has eight children. She was fortunate that no one was hurt.Another resident noted that she has nowhere to go with her three-month-old baby.An elderly resident was crying because she lost all her papers, including her passport. Minister Manickchand consoled her.Minister Manickchand also expressed concern about another old building located next door to the one that collapsed.Minister Benn said that the collapsed wooden building is probably 150 years old, and was one of the only buildings left in Georgetown that has a slate roof.Cordrea Tankersley

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