Today is Valentine’s Day and whole day yesterday dem had men running fuh mek up wid dem lady friend who had dem in de dog house because de man couldn’t give dem money after Christmas. Man buy dem woman all kind of fancy thing.One man even buy he lady one side red and one side white shoes but de most thing that dem buy was chocolate.Brazzy had money to buy a diamond brooch fuh a Chinee worker on de Marriott. Bharrat prefer to carry people to dinner because he don’t have to pay in any restaurant that he go.One old lady watch how she grandson planning to buy and she put he to sit down,cheap nfl jerseys black friday, She tell he that Valentine died for love,Wholesale Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, Sampson died for love,NBA Jerseys China, Romeo died for love,Cheap Jerseys USA, Jack in de Titanic died for love and even Jesus died for love.De boy watch he grandmother and tell she that he ain’t understand wha she trying to tell he. De old lady shake she head. Then she ask he wha he notice bout all de people who died for love. Then he ketch wha she mean. All de people who died for love was man.Dem boys hear when de old lady tell he that he should wait before he spend he money. He should go to he girlfriend and ask she to name five women who died for love before he buy anything.De result is that dem boys ain’t buying nutten,China Jerseys Free Shipping, not even a salara although it got de red and white fuh de occasion.One lady get she wish before Valentine’s Day. She sick and de ambulance bringing she from West Coast. De lady tell de man that de way he driving she gun dead but before she dead,Wholesale Jerseys From China, he better give she some water.Dem boys seh that de driver panic and grant de lady she wish. He drive overboard right by Banks DIH. De lady get water mix wid beer and rum.Talk half and wish everybody Happy Valentine’s Day

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