Yet another city businesswoman is contending that she was made to endure inhumane treatment at the hands of a female police rank.According to reports the incident stemmed from the purchase of a cellular phone at Cell Point. The woman at the center of the incident is Samantha Brown,China Jerseys Cheap, who is the manager of the store.Brown told this newspaper that on Wednesday morning a customer entered the store and began making enquires about a mobile phone which was purchased some three weeks ago.Brown said that she explained to the customer that the store was no longer obligated to carry out any repairs on the phone since the warranty had expired.However,cheap nfl jerseys discount, the customer who appeared not to be satisfied stormed out the store but returned some time later in the company of a female police rank.Brown explained that without asking any question the police rank stormed into the store,Cheap Jerseys From China, went to the back of the counter where only employees are allowed and grabbed her bodily and forced her out of the store.The businesswoman said that she tried explaining the situation to the police rank who totally refused to give her a hearing. Brown further said that she was eventually escorted out of the store leaving it unattended and was marched to the Alberttown Police Station.It was only while at the police station when the store owner arrived and explained the situation then the rank attempted to apologize to her. However the businesswoman claimed that she was gravely embarrassed while she was being dragged along the busy Regent Street area.Meanwhile this newspaper has been told that the matter is being investigated since it was dealt with unprofessionally by the police rank.jerseys from china

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