Contractors is smart people because dem mekking fools of some of dem government people. Imagine de government give a contract fuh a certain money and de contractors manage to get extra. That got to be smartness.De fun is fuh de government get back that money. Dem now finding out that some of dem contractor dead. Dem boys seh that de trick was fuh de real contractor use he old father name. He mek he money and he putting de blame pun de dead man. Well dem got other contractors who collecting more than dem deserve but de government gun wait till some of dem dead then it gun try fuh collect de extra money.Imagine that people now planning fuh borrow money from de government to do contract. Dem plan fuh tender fuh contract and have de government lend dem de money to do de contract then pay dem just like how dem does pay contractors. De people seh that it gun be a loan.Dem claim how dem know nuff big ones who does do de same thing. And while dem planning,Wholesale Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, Roger de Lunchman heading to court again. Every time he got to go to court he does cuss because he got problems wid de steps,NFL Jerseys China, wid de questions de lawyers asking he and wid Uncle Freddie who does watch he and smile.And de Big Man traveling de world and is he story. Roger seh that life ain’t fair.Talk half. Lef half.China Jerseys Whol

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