A long-standing family feud ended tragically with the brutal murder of 33-year-old Maxwell Watson, of Little Abary, East Coast Demerara last night.Watson was stabbed in the left side chest by his uncle and collapsed on the parapet outside his yard.His reputed wife,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, 20-year-old Valerie Niles sustained a stab in the back while trying to protect Watson.While Watson bled to death, Niles was however treated at the Mahaicony Hospital and sent home.The incident which sent shockwaves throughout the village was not totally unexpected since the family, who occupy three houses in one yard,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, was always engaged in heated arguments. There were threats of murdering one another and that was the order of the day.The police were called upon on several occasions to intervene.According to Niles,NFL Jerseys Supply, the problem escalated earlier yesterday when her husband’s uncle who was imbibing began throwing suggestive remarks at her.“Radika song and all different song ah play and he (the uncle) just deh hollering ‘Ow Valo, Ow Valo. And me husband went home,” Niles related.She said that she later saw her husband’s uncle going toward their house which is situated at the back of the yard,Cheap Air Max Shoes, despite the protestations of his wife.“I hear she saying, ‘Where you going with that cutlass? Wha you callin de people dem wife name for?’”She said that the man left and came back with a shotgun and began pointing it at her.Niles said that she called the police at Mahaicony but they took some time in coming.In the meantime, her husband’s uncle was joined by two other men who ran up her stairs to attack her husband.She said that the two other men held down her husband while his uncle stabbed him in his side.“After me see the blood start spill, I come out now fuh save he. I try fuh pull he in and he just stick it in me back too,Nike Shox Men Clearance,” Niles told Kaieteur News.She said that her husband who was bleeding profusely ran to the front of the yard where he collapsed.Niles said that she was forced to run through the back of her yard to escape the uncle who she was certain was trying to finish her off.The dead man’s mother told this newspaper that almost everyday, her brother threatened her only son to shoot him and his wife and burn their bodies in the backdam.She said that her brother had a firearm,NFL Jerseys Outlet, a part of which was recovered by the police,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who also recovered a knife.“Me carry me pickney ah Mahaicony (police station) plenty times fuh complain. Which day me go till ah Cove and John and report wha dem tell me pickney how dem ah kill am. Nothing didn’t happen. Dem (police) just ah warn dem and now me pickney dead,” the woman cried.Police have detained the dead man’s uncle and several other persons as they continue their investigations.Jerseys NFL Wholes

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